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Barboni comes from a family of “filmmakers” (His uncle Leonida was a talented director of photography and his father Enzo went from camera operator to director of photography, and finally to director, working under the screen name of E.B. Clucher).

Being around the set from the time he was a child, Barboni appears as an extra in a number of films including "La baia di Napoli", "Ben-Hur", "Barabba", "I quattro monaci", "Un treno per Durango" and "Django".

His first official job – and first contributions to ENPALS (Italian social security for workers in the entertainment business) – was as second assistant director on the set of They Call Me Trinity. In the years to follow, Barboni focused on his university studies (degree in Political Science with thesis on censorship), as well as a number of other courses/internships (in film direction, led by Paul Gray and Ron Richard; screenplay, led by Robert Mc Kee; structure and development of TV programs, led by Morton Zarkoff; story analysis and rewriting structure, led by Linda Seger). He also started working for the company T.O.T.A. (with his father Enzo, by that time better known as E.B Clucher).

In 1981, he started writing synopses and screenplays under his own name, first for T.O.T.A. (in which case he oversaw the entire process, from initial concept to mixing), and later for a number of other productions. After having written around 40 films and TV episodes, the desire to tackle new themes and have complete professional freedom led him to get into freelance directing. Taking advantage of work contacts with a few friends boasting outstanding professional profiles, such as Roberto Andreucci and Maestro Franco Micalizzi, Barboni was able to organize, write, and direct two short films, which can be viewed on this website along with another music video he directed.




September 2021 - Premio della Giuria al "Premio Letterrario Caffè della Arti"

September 2021 - Premio Letteratura al "Premio Internazionale Mr Hyde Awards"

September 2021 - Premio della Critica al "Premio Letterario Internazionale Città di Cattolica"

September 2021 - Premio della Giuria al "Premio Lord Byron Porto Venere"

September 2021 - Premio Zurigo al "Switzerland Literary Prize"

March 2016 - Premio Speciale Cultura Ferrari Awards

September 2016 - Premio Verde Cuore del Mondo 2016

December 2016 - "Fontane di Roma" Award for Culture

July 2017 - International Spoleto Art Festival Award for Literature.

November 2017 - Apoxiomeno Award for cinema and television

August 2018 - Lifetime achievement award: "San Tommaso d'Aquino International Literary Award" under the patronage of UNICEF Salerno in Mercato San Severino.

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